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The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation seeks to improve the health and well-being of the residents of Northern California and Hawaii.  We aim to make a difference by providing financial support to organizations which: provide needed health support services; advance patient care and medical treatment through research and innovation; and improve the quality of life of those afflicted by life-limiting disease or conditions.

The Foundation targets projects that have realistic goals and deliver meaningful benefits.  While every project considered for funding is unique, preference is given to those which include the following:

Financial Sustainability/Diversity of support - Projects with a model for future funding or revenue 

Opportunity for Growth - Projects that can lead to a larger impact through scalability or replication 

Measurable effectiveness - Organizations that emphasize accountability and track progress throughout the project 

Special consideration will also be given to projects focused on the following areas:

  • Training and support for caregivers

  • Aging with Dignity

  • Integrative Medicine

  • Healthy Eating/Active Living



Center for Elders’ Independence – $47,730 was awarded to build the primary health clinic within a new PACE center in San Leandro.  The center, which will serve up to 180 seniors, will provide an interactive community setting that respects older adults’ changing capabilities while encouraging safety, independence, creativity, camaraderie and well-being.

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic – To help this organization take the first steps to adopting electronic health records, the Foundation contributed $50,000.  Having the right system in place will enable the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic to both improve the quality of care and services and produce a wealth of data that demonstrates the efficacy of integrative oncology care.  Furthermore, this project will support the organization’s efforts to continue earning the trust of medical and social service professionals while managing the disabling complications of cancer and its treatments for thousands of vulnerable women.

Institute on Aging – The Foundation provided $60,000 to upgrade program software and migrate data for its Friendship Line service, the nation’s only accredited telephone hotline for older adults and adults with disabilities.  This project unites volunteer and staff management, shift scheduling, call management, statistics and outcome reporting, and training and support in one secure, reliable system.  It automates the process of storing, organizing

and retrieving call center data and integrating it with resource referral, scheduling and staff and volunteer management.  Most importantly, this new system enables the Friendship line to keep up with growing demand for the only call program in the nation that reaches out with specialized care for the mental health needs of lonely, isolated seniors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

La Clinica de La Raza – To increase the capacity of La Clinica’s Vallejo clinic to address the growing service demand in Solano County, the Foundation made a grant of $200,000.  This project will require renovations to a 26,000-square foot facility and relocation of existing medical and dental clinics to the new building.  The new space will optimize staff efficiencies and patient flow by co-locating medical, behavioral health and dental services under one

roof.  Ten additional exam rooms and ten additional dental chairs will also be added.

Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa - $20,000 was granted by the Foundation to fund the first phase of a new interactive training program that enhances learning outcomes, streamlines training hours and attracts/engages more volunteers.  It is critical for this organization to be able to attract a larger and more diverse group of volunteers to protect and advocate for older and dependent adults by preserving their rights and improving their quality of life throughout the aging process.

Pali Momi Foundation – A grant of $150,000 was made to complete the Infusion Center at the Pali Momi Cancer Center.  This funding will help avoid delays to providing critical medical services to central and west Oahu.  Once complete, the center will offer comprehensive care through integrated services and multi-disciplinary physician teams including medical oncology, interventional radiology and infusion services.

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