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Sustainable Energy


"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." 
- David Brower

Since its founding, The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation has sought to protect the natural environments of Northern California and Hawaii by supporting well-established organizations actively working to promote ecological integrity.  We are privileged to have been able to support many conservation grantees and we are proud of their impact in habitat conservation, access to public lands, scientific research, environmental education and more. 

Our experience making conservation grants has provided us with a great appreciation for the delicate, natural balance that must be maintained for the planet to sustain biodiversity and life.  Unfortunately, global average surface temperatures continue to increase, and this balance is now in great jeopardy.  To support efforts to reverse this trend, the Foundation is refocusing our grant-making for the environment.

​Beginning in 2020, The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation will allocate approximately one half of our annual grants budget towards climate change mitigation.  Our immediate plan is to make strategic grants to support efforts in natural carbon sequestration, nature-based climate solutions, emissions reductions, decarbonization of industry and research.  As a result of this new approach, the Foundation does not plan to make any responsive grants for the Environment in 2020.

While the Foundation will not accept any new requests-for-invitation for environment grants, we remain eager to learn more about important, local work being done to address climate change.  If your organization has an under-funded project that focuses on climate change mitigation that you would like to share with the Foundation, please send information to:

​The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation

500 Ygnacio Valley Blvd.

Suite 330

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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