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The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation's primary role as a funder is to provide financial support to not-for-profit organizations involved with healthcare, education and conservation in the communities of Northern California and Hawaii.  In addition, we have a special interest in funding projects that focus on women, families and seniors.

The Foundation fulfills it's mission by making grants.  First, we periodically approve large, strategic grants focused on achieving a defined impact.  These grants are discretionary and may not be solicited.  Next, we regularly make responsive grants that aim to meet the needs of the community.  These grants are solicited using the process explained on the Grants page.

For all grants, the Foundation prefers new, innovative projects which will be completed with the Foundation's contribution.  However, for responsive grants, we have also established a unique mission statement for each of our three primary fields of interest.  The links below include these mission statements along with several examples of recent grants that the Foundation has awarded within each field.

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